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Martyn Hicks covers automovtive photography including automotive events, exhibitions, car launches and vehicle experiences. Martyn has recently worked with Porsche, Ford, Bridgestone, Pirelli to name a few examples. Martyn works throughout the UK including Manchester, London, Liverpool, Birmingham.


Automotive Photography


Martyn Hicks has has a passion for Automotive Photography and has worked with a number of the main international car and tyre manufacturers over the past few years including Porsche, Ford, Bridgestone and Pirelli. Martyn has Photographed at a number of different location throughout the UK and Europe including the British Grand Prix for Pirelli and The Goodwood.


Wether it be on location, track or in a retail exhibition or car show, Martyn offers a professional approach and delivers high quality Photography of your cars or products. From race car driving at some of the UK's best tracks and locations to private test tracks for car manufacturers

Over the Pat 12 months months Martyn has worked with Ford at their test track to produce images for a VR experience in the south of France, he has worked on a similar project with Chevrolet and has also continued to Photo Porsche Pop up stores around the UK including the most recent store set up in Harrods London


Porsche Pop Up Store in Harrods, London

Porsche Panamera at Noah Event at Old Billingsgate in London

Bridgestone Driveguard Launch Event in Cannes, South of France

Porsche Panamera outside London's Old Billingsgate Venue on the River Thames

Bridgestone Event in Cannes for the Launch of the Driveguard Tyre

Porsche Launch Event at the Noah Conference in Lonodon


Martyn has also Photographed Bristgestone's Driveguard Launch in Cannes and Monte Carlo which feature a classic car rally along with an Event to drive and experience the new Driveguard tyre during the launch event

Martyn also attended and Photographed at the British Grand Prix for Pirelli Photographing their Hospitality area and to produce images that get across the atmosphere and felling of the Event which was enjoyed by a select number that were invited to the Event by Pirelli

Martyn is always keen to build new relations with prospective clients and always welcomes the opportunity to discuss upcoming projects and how he can photograph any new architectural assignments across the country, If you would like to get in touch you can use the contact form here and with email or call Martyn.