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Commercial Photography by Martyn Hicks. Providing High Quality Photography across the entire UK including Manchester, London, Liverpool and Leeds. Photographing commercial clients on location including Haulage, Industrial, Buildings, Property Photography and General High quality Photography for Business.


Commercial Photography


Martyn Hicks Photographs a number of areas with the category of Commercial Photography including Industrial Photography, Hauladge, Transportation, Hotel and Hospitality Photography and anything else that would be rquired by a Company to detail what the offer in the best possible light and way

Martyn works around the entire UK proving Commerical and locations shoots for Companies which can be anywhere for his base in Lancashire near Preston and Manchester along to London where Martyn spend a big proportion of his time working with a varity of companies


Martyn has worked on multiple projects with Potter Logistics based over in Yorkshire, they specialise in Haulage and Logistics and have sites all over the UK including rail and logistic centres. These were great shoots to be involved with and Martyn always enjoys projects like this


SMD supply and install Steel Deck Flooring Systems around the UK. Here are a few examples of Photography I supplied for them at their head office in Uttoxetter and on location at an Asda store build in Sheefield, we also took images at Canon Street in London and a Concrete Pour at a site in Sheffield


Cummins Industrial manufacture and produce engines for large commercial applications like ships and huge trucks. It was amazing seeing these engines produced in the factory, we photographed the process up until the engines were painted and completed for final use and shipping around the world. 

Martyn is always keen to build new relations with prospective clients and always welcomes the opportunity to discuss upcoming projects and how he can photograph any new architectural assignments across the country, If you would like to get in touch you can use the contact form here and with email or call Martyn.