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Event Photography by Martyn Hicks who is an experienced event and conference photographer. Photographing events, conventions, exhibitions and conferences in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Lancashire and throughout the entire UK, he offers high quality photography at every event and conference.


Event Photography


Martyn has been fortunate to photograph some amazing events and conferences all over the world including photographing The One Young World Summit for the past 8 years in multiple locations including Bogota, Johannesburg, Pittsburg, Bangkok and this year will be in the Hague, here are a selection of the images from last years Event in Bogata.


Martyn has photographed a variety of events over the past 10 years including company conferences for Google, eBay and Bridgestone. He also works on a regualr basis for companies across the entire UK including photographing meetings and briefings at Asia House in London. He has also photographed multiple events for ITV over the past 5 years including cover events on Coronation Street in Manchester and doing a mix of other events for ITV including their Showcase Events.

Martyn is always keen to build new relations with prospective clients and always welcomes the opportunity to discuss upcoming projects and how he can photograph any new architectural assignments across the country, If you would like to get in touch you can use the contact form here and with email or call Martyn.