I shoot Industrial Photography for brands and business around the UK. I mainly work near my base in the North West of England with a focus on Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds as my closest cities. I do travel further afield on a regular basis to London and Birmingham further south and heading North I work in Newcastle, the north east and Scotland.

I supply a number of areas within Industrial Photography including logistics, product, handling, warehousing and portraits for a variety of sectors including construction, editorial and communications clients.

I have worked over the years with a great diversity of clients which include some of the following: Porsche, Sir Robert McAlpine, ITV, Brewdog among others.

Commercial Photography Worker in Painshop poses for a work portrait in a commercial settingindustrial photography crane shot from base in greenindustrial portrait off worker in factory with ear plugs and chain lifting deviceindustrial tanks in new pool installationindustrial photography central London workers with cranes